How to Overcome the Fear and Reduce Anxiety of Speaking English

Prentice Powell
“Speak boldly and with intellect. Never hush your voice for someone’s comfort. Speak your mind, make people uncomfortable.”
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“I think I have problem: It is very hard for me to learn other language, even when I try a lot.”

According to a survey, 80.64% of males and 91.30% of females feel “embarrassment” when speaking English.

Are you scared as well?

No worries! I am coming with some good news: You CAN fix that!

In this article, we deep dive into fears and find ways on how you can get rid of those fears. I will share with you my secret step-by-step guide on “How to avoid the fear of speaking English”.

At Okibro, we know a lot about those fears, because we faced them and overcame them.


We followed the guide below…


We developed an app: Okibro AI speaking partner. This app helps people like you who struggle with public speaking and fear speaking in English.

With Okibro You may practice your speaking skills without fear that somebody may judge you. Okibro just talks with you in a friendly manner and improves your confidence in conversation.

10 minutes per day – this is the time we recommend spending with Okibro daily, and you will see in a few months that your anxiety and fears of speaking English will disappear.

Just register in a few easy steps and start your journey to fluent English speaking.

In this article You will know:

  • You will know why people feel fear of speaking English.
  • You will know how to take the first step in speaking English.
  • You will know the best ways to practice English.
  • You will know the benefits of joining a language club.
  • You will know how technology can be a fun.
  • Finally, You will know that making mistakes is a natural and important part of learning English.

I am going to tell You ways that helped me and my team on that journey and certainly You will find something really useful for you.

*If that will happen (and I am sure it will) please share this article with your friends who struggle with the same challenge.

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Understanding the Fear

The most important thing you have to understand regarding the fear of speaking a new language is that almost everybody feels this fear at the very beginning…

It is a basic fear, and it’s absolutely normal to feel it.

But why does that happen?

So, let’s clarify why people feel fear of speaking English…

There are a few reasons here…

Reason #1: The majority of people who have taken part in the survey admitted that it is important for them when the “Instructor does not make you feel stupid when you make a mistake”.

If we dive deep into the problem and investigate the roots of the problem, we may find that the core issue here is the feeling of being “stupid”.

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So, this is the reason #1 WHY you may feel the fear of speaking English.

Noted: Fear of been “stupid”

Reason #2: The second reason why you feel the fear of speaking English is because you are required to speak “publicly”. This means that your speech will be judged by someone.

And here, we even encounter a phobia called “Glossophobia”.

“Glossophobia” is the fear of public speaking.

Stats: “Glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking, is the world’s number one phobia, believed to affect about 75% of people at some time during their lifetime.”

Noted: Fear of public speaking

Reason #3: In your regular life, you think about “What to say”, and you don’t pay attention to “Which words I should use for that”.

When speaking a foreign language, your mind generates an answer, chooses foreign words for that, finds grammar information that matches the case, and then produces the answer.

So definitely, it involves more activities than what you usually DO while speaking in your native language.

And of course, during that long process, your mind may encounter errors…

Noted: Fear of errors

So, we see the problem, right?



Step-by-Step Guide on How to Overcome Fears of Speaking English

Imagine that you are holding a treasure map in your hands, where key points are marked. Your job is just to follow that guide and find the treasure.

Sounds easy-peasy, right?

The main point here is that I won’t tell you something incredible or impossible. You have to know that thousands of people face the same challenges and succeed.

You are one of them.

You will overcome this path if you keep moving, because…

“The one who walks will master the road.”

Just go…

You will see that in a remarkably short time, you will stop being scared and will love yourself for your relentlessness and stubbornness.


Step #1: Step Back and Start Small

Starting something new can be a bit like learning to ride a bike…

You don’t just hop on and zoom off, right?

Same with speaking English. It’s totally cool to start small.

*Think of it like building a LEGO set, one piece at a time.

Try using simple words and phrases that you’re comfortable with. Stuff like “Hello,” “How are you?” or “I like pizza.”

(They’re like your trusty training wheels.)

Practice them in the mirror…

Talk to your pet…


Chat with your favorite… plant!

Step #2: Listen and Repeat for better confidence

Alright, so you’ve started with some basic words and phrases. What’s next? 

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Time to tune your ears and practice your pronunciation with some fun stuff – English songs, shows, and movies.

#Sing Along to English Songs: Find a catchy tune and sing along. 

Don’t worry about hitting the right notes, just focus on the words!

*Remember: You are alone and nobody judges You. 

This is Your time…

It’s a great way to learn pronunciation and pick up new phrases. 


It’s super fun!

#Watch English Shows with Subtitles: Pick a show you like and watch it in English with subtitles on.

*This way, you can hear HOW words are pronounced and SEE them written at the same time.

#Repeat Movie Lines: Ever watched an English movie and loved a line?



And say it out loud…

Feel like a movie star and practice speaking at the same time.

#Listen to English Podcasts or Audiobooks: These are great for hearing different accents and ways of speaking.

Try to mimic the speakers

(It’s like having a conversation without the stress of responding).

Step #3: Join a Group or Club

Guess what? You’re not the only one on this English-speaking adventure. There are tons of others just like you, trying to get better, one word at a time.

Why not join forces?

Imagine having a space where everyone’s learning and making mistakes together. It’s way LESS SCARY when you’re not alone, right?

These groups are also super motivating. Seeing others making progress can spark your own determination. You’ll think, “If they can do it, so can I!”

Plus, you can pick up cool tips and tricks from your peers. It’s like being in a team where everyone’s goal is to win at speaking English.

And… the best part?

You might make some awesome new friends who understand exactly what you’re going through.

So, how about giving it a try?

Step #4: Use Technology

In this awesome digital age, your smartphone or computer can be your best buddy in learning English.


Through language learning apps and online resources!

I discovered the best tools for English learning in my previous article, “Top 10 AI Tools to Learn the English Language“. There, you may find really useful tools that can improve your confidence in speaking English.

Here’s a brief recap from that article:



Okibro offers a unique and supportive platform for people to conquer their fear of speaking English. Its friendly AI speaking partner allows for relaxed and judgment-free practice, helping learners like you gain confidence in their language skills in a comfortable and engaging way.



Duolingo turns learning English into a game, making it super fun for everyone to overcome the fear of speaking.

With cool, short lessons and voice recognition, you can practice chatting in English at your own pace, building your confidence while playing.

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italki offers a personalized and supportive environment for overcoming the fear of speaking English. By connecting learners with experienced tutors from around the world, it provides a safe space to practice speaking, receive constructive feedback, and gradually build confidence in language skills.


These apps are super cool because they’re designed just for learners like you. They have levels from super easy to REALLY challenging.

You can start wherever you feel comfortable and move up as you get better.


Many of them are interactive and kind of feel like playing a game.

(Who said learning can’t be fun?)

The best part about using technology is that it gives you a safe space to practice. No one’s there to judge you if you get something wrong.

It’s just you and the app, going at your own pace…

You can repeat a lesson as many times as you want until you feel like you’ve nailed it.

Step #5: Embrace Mistakes

Okay, here’s a little secret – making mistakes is actually a good thing.

Yep, you read that right!

When you’re learning to speak English, messing up isn’t just okay…

It’s part of the journey!

*Think about it.

When babies learn to talk, they babble all sorts of funny sounds before getting the words right…

And do people scold them?


They cheer and clap because each mistake is a step towards speaking.

It’s the same for you.

“Each mistake is a step towards speaking

Every time you mix up words or mess up grammar, you’re actually learning.

It’s like a puzzle. Each mistake is a piece that didn’t fit, teaching you how to find the right one next time.

So, instead of feeling embarrassed or frustrated, try to see mistakes as your friends who are helping you get better.

Remember, every great English speaker was once a beginner who made tons of mistakes.

The difference?

They kept going and didn’t let those slip-ups stop them.

So, the next time you say something wrong, smile, learn from it, and know you’re one step closer to being an amazing English speaker!

Alright, you’ve made it through the five steps to overcome your fear of speaking English.

Let’s do a quick recap:

  • Start Small: Kick off with simple words and phrases. Baby steps, remember?
  • Listen and Repeat: Use songs, shows, and movies to tune your ears to English.
  • Join a Group or Club: Surround yourself with fellow learners for support and motivation.
  • Use Technology: Take advantage of apps and online resources for a personalized learning experience.
  • Embrace Mistakes: Remember, every mistake is a stepping stone to improvement.

Now, the most important thing…

Keep practicing and don’t give up.

Each word you speak, even if it feels a bit wobbly, is a victory.

You’re learning a whole new language, and that’s pretty amazing!

Think of it like a journey. There will be sunny days and some rainy ones too.

But every step, every word, brings you closer to your goal. 


Keep going…

Keep speaking…


Soon you’ll see how far you’ve come.

You’ve got this! adv banner