Top 10 AI Tools to Learn English Language: The Ultimate Guide

What do a whale and AI have in common? Well, both can make a big splash, but one does it in the ocean, and the other does it in the world of data! 

Hi, hi, hi, my dear readers! Today, we’re talking about a giant in the world of big data: artificial intelligence. More precisely, we’re discussing how you can learn the English language with the help of AI tools.

In today’s fast-paced world, where communication bridges gaps and opens doors to endless opportunities, language learning has never been more essential. And the good news is, it’s never been more exciting either, thanks to AI-powered language learning apps!

 In this article, We are embarking on a journey to discover the absolute best AI language learning apps of 2024. I’ll unveil how these apps have revolutionized the way I learn and communicate, making language acquisition a breeze. Whether you’re a beginner setting out to conquer a new language or an advanced learner aiming to finesse your skills, I’ve got you covered. 

By the end of this article, you’ll not only be introduced to the cream of the crop in AI language learning but also armed with valuable insights to supercharge your language learning experience. 

So, stay with me as I explore the cutting-edge world of AI-powered language learning and open doors to a multilingual future like never before!

My friend, have you ever marveled at how technology has transformed the way we learn languages? Well, it’s quite impressive, isn’t it? In this section, let’s dive into the captivating rise of AI in language learning.


Mac starts his day by using an AI language learning app on his smartphone. He selects the “Word of the Day” feature, which introduces him to a new English word each morning.

The app provides a pronunciation guide and example sentences to help Mac understand the word in context. He makes it a point to use this word in sentences throughout the day to reinforce his vocabulary.

With the app’s tracking system, Mac can see his progress in expanding his English vocabulary over time. It also offers quizzes to test his retention of previously learned words.

Can you believe the increasing influence of artificial intelligence in education today? It’s like having a personal language tutor right in your pocket! With AI-powered language learning apps, we’re witnessing a revolution. These apps are changing the game, offering advantages that traditional methods could only dream of. Do you agree?


Mac is keen on improving his English pronunciation. He uses an AI language learning app with speech recognition technology.

Mac selects a set of sentences to practice, and the app records his spoken sentences. It then provides instant feedback on his pronunciation, pointing out areas where he can improve.

Mac repeats the sentences, working on his accent and enunciation. The app’s feedback helps him make gradual improvements and build confidence in his spoken English.

Are you ready for this? Using AI language learning apps is like having a language coach, cheerleader, and mentor all rolled into one! They offer a personalized learning experience that caters to your unique needs and pace. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all approaches. AI apps adapt to you, making language learning a breeze, isn’t it?


To enhance his conversational skills, Mac interacts with a virtual AI character within a language learning app

He engages in conversations on various topics, from everyday chit-chat to discussing current events. The AI character responds realistically and helps Mac practice listening and speaking in a natural context.

The app tracks Mac’s progress in understanding and responding to different conversational scenarios, providing insights into his development as an English speaker.

After extensive research on the internet, I have identified the most popular AI tools for learning English and established a set of criteria to determine the best ones. These criteria include user-friendly interfaces, content variety covering grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and real-life conversations, adaptability to individual learning styles and proficiency levels, and interactivity through quizzes and interactive exercises. Additionally, I have considered integration with AI features like speech recognition and compatibility with recognized English proficiency tests such as TOEFL and IELTS. By applying these criteria, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 AI tools to facilitate English language learning for you.

Top 10 AI Language Learning Apps for 2024


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Let me spill the beans about the Okibro AI tool – it’s akin to having a friendly English companion right in your pocket, and those awkward silences? They’re nowhere to be found. In my humble opinion, this tool serves as the ultimate conversational confidant.

Picture this: you’re engaging in a conversation with an exceptionally intelligent AI bot. Yes, you heard that correctly. This bot functions like a language virtuoso, attentively tuning in to your English escapades. As you talk away, it’s not merely nodding in agreement – it’s adeptly spotting those elusive grammar blunders that often slip past even your trusty autocorrect. Talk about having a personal grammar superhero by your side!

Now, here’s the icing on the cake. The entire experience unfolds in the coziest of settings. It’s akin to catching up with an old friend over a virtual cup of cocoa. No judgment here, just a warm and welcoming environment for learning.

So, I wholeheartedly recommend giving the Okibro AI tool a spin. Not only will your conversational skills receive a fantastic boost, but you’ll also make significant strides in the realm of grammar. All of this, while feeling like you’re hanging out with a language-savvy buddy. Are you ready to embark on a journey towards English excellence?


“Mac uses every day. He starts his English learning sessions in the morning by logging into the platform. Mac enjoys chatting with the AI robot, practicing his conversational skills, and receiving instant feedback on his grammar and pronunciation.

After each session, Mac feels more confident in his English abilities. Thanks to Okibro, he’s making great progress in his language journey.”


Basic(limited): free

One 45 minutes lesson: $9.42

Eight 45 minutes lessons: $62.40

Twenty 45 minutes lessons: $192.40



I know Duolingo is the go-to choice for anyone starting their journey in learning a new language. It’s the world’s most beloved language-learning app, and what sets it apart are those interactive mascots – these cute characters who chat with us in their native voices. Each one’s got their own personality, and they bring that charm to our everyday language lessons.

I’ve been using Duolingo for quite a while now, and I’ve really embraced this quirky feature, not to mention their user-friendly interface. What’s great is that the lesson plans are flexible. If I feel like I’m getting the hang of things, I can jump ahead to more advanced grammar lessons.


“Mac starts his day with a cup of coffee and Duolingo. He opens the app on his phone and selects the language he’s been eager to learn, which is Spanish. As he begins his daily lesson, he’s greeted by Duolingo’s friendly mascot, Duo the Owl, who encourages him with a cheerful ‘Hola!’ Mac smiles and responds with ‘Hola, Duo!’

He appreciates the variety of exercises Duolingo offers. From vocabulary drills to listening comprehension, each lesson keeps him engaged. Mac especially enjoys the speaking exercises, where he practices pronunciation by repeating phrases aloud.

After completing his lesson for the day, Mac checks his progress on the app’s dashboard. He’s proud to see the streak of consecutive days he’s spent learning. Duolingo has become an essential part of Mac’s language learning journey, making it fun and convenient to improve his Spanish skills.”


Basic: Free

Premium: $6.99 USD/mo.



I have to say, Babbel is one of my favorite language-learning apps, and here’s why: it’s all about those interactive dialogues that make you feel like you’re having real conversations. I get to listen to native speakers, practice speaking, and really nail down the pronunciation, intonation, and how language flows naturally – all in one handy app!

When it comes to EdTech, Babbel is right up there with the big players, just like Duolingo. They make learning feel light and real. The best part? They’ve got a fantastic range of European languages, and Spanish, in particular, is a big hit.


“Every evening, after Mac finishes his day’s work on his trusty Mac computer:), he takes some time to dive into the world of language learning with Babbel. It’s become a daily ritual for him. With a cup of tea in hand, he opens up Babbel’s app on his Mac and selects the Spanish course.

Tonight, Mac is focusing on improving his conversational skills. He starts a lesson on everyday greetings and interactions. Babbel’s interactive dialogues make it feel like he’s right there in a conversation with native speakers. Mac listens carefully, practices speaking out loud, and hones his pronunciation.

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After the dialogue practice, Mac moves on to vocabulary exercises. Babbel presents him with new words and phrases related to everyday life in Spanish-speaking countries. Mac loves how engaging and immersive the lessons are.

As he completes his daily session, Mac checks his progress on the app. He’s proud to see his language skills improving day by day, all thanks to his trusty Mac and the Babbel app.”


$13.95 for 1 month
$6.95/ month for 12 months
$8.45/ month for 6 months
$9.95/ month for 3 months
$299.99 for a lifetime



I’ve got to tell you about Memrise, a fantastic British language platform that’s been a game-changer for me. You see, Memrise uses a super smart method called spaced repetition with flashcards to speed up your learning. But what really sets it apart is its GPT3-powered “AI Language partner.” It’s like having conversations with a friendly AI that feels just like chatting with a real person. Memrise believes this helps us overcome that tricky “confidence gap” we often face when learning a new language.

Based in London, UK, Memrise offers a whole world of user-generated content on a wide range of subjects. On their app, they’ve got courses in 16 languages and even more on their website. It’s super versatile!

And get this – as of 2018, they had a whopping 35 million registered users. Plus, they’ve been profitable since late 2016, raking in a cool $4 million in turnover every month.


“Mac uses Memrise for language learning on his Mac. He loves the spaced repetition with flashcards and the ‘AI Language partner’ for lifelike conversations. It’s boosted his confidence in Spanish. Memrise covers various subjects, making it a go-to app for Mac’s learning journey.”


$14.99/ month
$7.50/ month for 12 months
$199.99 for a lifetime



I’ve got to tell you about Ling, the language-learning app that’s made a real difference for me. Ling’s approach is all about personalized, fun learning through quick, bite-sized lessons. Whether you want to learn Vietnamese, Thai, or one of the 60+ other languages they offer, Ling’s got you covered. It’s a fantastic way to master speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

One thing I love about Ling is that they create their language courses in collaboration with native speakers. That means you’re getting the real deal – practical vocabulary, useful phrases, grammar tips, and even pronunciation. It’s like having a language expert right by your side.

Whether you’re a beginner or a language-learning pro, Ling makes it easy and rewarding. Their method makes learning feel like playing games, and they’ve even got a progress tracker and a streak feature to keep you motivated.

What’s more, Ling is all about community. When you join, you become part of a worldwide community of language learners. You’ll receive weekly updates, stay in the loop about Ling’s latest features, and connect with fellow learners.

And let’s talk about the language options – they’ve got a whopping 60+ courses! So, whether you’re learning for travel, connecting with family and friends, or studying for school, Ling has you covered. You can even access Ling for free if you’re Ukrainian and want to learn languages.


Free (the first 8 lessons unlocked)
$8.99/ month for 1 month
$6.67/ month for 12 months

Rosetta Stone


I’d like to introduce you to Rosetta Stone Language Learning, a fantastic language-learning software that I’ve found really effective. It’s part of the IXL Learning family, and here’s what makes it special:

Rosetta Stone doesn’t rely on translation to teach you a new language. Instead, it uses a dynamic approach called Dynamic Immersion. This means it uses images, text, and sound to teach you words and grammar through spaced repetition. It’s an incredibly engaging way to learn!

What’s neat is that the software’s name and logo are inspired by the ancient Rosetta Stone, which had inscriptions in three different writing systems. It’s a nod to the rich history of language.

And, just so you know, Rosetta Stone was acquired by IXL Learning in March 2021. It’s a trusted and effective tool for language learning that I’ve been enjoying. Give it a try, and you might find it helpful too!


“Mac learns Spanish with Rosetta Stone Language Learning on his computer. Every evening, he dedicates some time to his language lessons. He loves the dynamic immersion approach that Rosetta Stone offers. Through images, text, and sound, he’s mastering Spanish vocabulary and grammar. It’s become a fun and immersive experience for him, and he’s making great progress on his language journey.”

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$7.99/ month for 12 months
$11.99/ month for 3 months
$179 for a lifetime



I’d like to share some exciting info about Mondly, a language learning platform I’ve been using and loving. Mondly offers a fantastic freemium language learning experience, and here’s what makes it special:

First off, it’s got courses for 33 different languages, both free and paid. That’s a wide range of options to choose from!

What’s really cool is that Mondly is a pioneer in VR Education. They’ve even made it to the top 10 VR apps worldwide on Meta Quest. How amazing is that?

And here’s some big news – starting from May 2022, Mondly has become a part of Pearson, which adds even more credibility to its offerings.

When it comes to learning, Mondly takes a highly gamified approach. It’s not just about memorizing words; it combines vocabulary and phrase learning with speech recognition and chatbot technologies. This means you get instant feedback on your pronunciation, grammar features, and even conjugation tables. It’s like having a language coach right at your fingertips!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced language learner, Mondly has something to offer. It’s made my language learning journey fun and effective, and I think you’d enjoy it too!


$10 per month premium plan

$48 per year if you pay up for 12 months in advance.



I like this app because it offers an easy and friendly way to start conversing in English. With Andy, the friendly robot, I get to practice my English skills by engaging in real conversations. It’s a fantastic way to learn a language by actually using it.

The app not only allows me to chat with Andy but also provides valuable grammar lessons and introduces new words daily. Overall, it’s a great tool for improving my English-speaking abilities through practical, everyday practice.



TextCortex AI


I use TextCortex, and it’s not just your typical language education app. It offers something unique. With TextCortex, I have access to a conversational AI named ZenoChat, which can communicate with me in over 25 languages.

What’s more, there’s Zeno Assistant, a writing tool that’s incredibly helpful. These two features give me multiple ways to enhance my language skills. Whether it’s practicing conversations or getting assistance with writing, TextCortex has it all.


“Mac uses TextCortex to enhance his language skills. With the app’s ZenoChat, he engages in conversations in over 25 languages, which helps him improve his speaking and comprehension skills. Additionally, Mac relies on Zeno Assistant, the writing assistant, to enhance his writing abilities. TextCortex has become an essential tool in Mac’s language learning journey, offering a diverse set of features to hone his linguistic skills.”


Free(limited access)





I’ve got to tell you about TalkPal – it’s the ultimate AI language tutor, and I absolutely love it! This tool is powered by GPT, and it’s perfect for improving your language skills. I can chat about unlimited interesting topics, whether it’s through writing or speaking.

What’s great is that TalkPal is designed to cater to users who are at the beginner level and want to enhance their language abilities. So, if you’re somewhere between A2, B1, B2, C1, or C2 in your language knowledge, this tool is for you!

Here’s the awesome part – TalkPal isn’t just about language; it’s about your interests too. I can have conversations about my favorite subjects, like science or law, all while learning the language. The responses I get are personalized, and TalkPal seems to understand my fluency and what I’m into, making it an even better teacher over time.

And guess what? TalkPal supports English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian, so there’s plenty to explore and learn. It’s like having a language coach who tailors lessons to your interests – what more could you ask for?


Free: 15 minutes daily limit

$4.99 per month(unlimited)

$39.99 billed yearly(unlimited)


In wrapping up this ultimate guide to the top 10 AI tools for learning English, I must say that the future of language education looks incredibly exciting. Thanks to these amazing AI companions, I feel more empowered than ever on my language-learning journey.

From conversation practice with virtual buddies to personalized grammar coaching, these tools have transformed the way I learn English. They’ve made it not just efficient but also a whole lot of fun. So, if you’re like me and aspire to become a confident English speaker, don’t hesitate to dive into the world of AI-powered language learning. It’s a journey filled with endless possibilities, and I’m here to cheer you on every step of the way! adv banner