How to Use ChatGPT as AI English Teacher For Free

Hey there, folks! Get ready because I’m about to unveil something that might just send English teachers worldwide into early retirement—no kidding! What I’m about to share with you is nothing short of mind-blowing. It’s ChatGPT, and you may have heard of it, but trust me, you haven’t seen it used quite like this before. Buckle up because I’m about to teach you how to turn ChatGPT into your personal 24/7, on-demand English teacher. It’s like having a teacher who never takes a coffee break!

Let’s get back to uncover the mind-blowing secrets of using ChatGPT to turbocharge your English skills. Here we are, with ChatGPT. If you’ve crossed paths with it before, it might feel like a familiar old friend. You can toss it questions like, “Pretty please, with a cherry on top, give me some brilliant gift ideas for grandparents.” And it’ll whip out some suggestions, though, occasionally, it might throw you a curveball. Think of it as a playful word playground.

Now, at this stage, there’s a bit of a dance you need to master. You see, crafting the perfect question is like trying to make the perfect sandwich – it takes a bit of finesse. I had to spend some quality time getting cozy with ChatGPT to coax an English teacher out of it. And guess what? I’m sharing my secret sauce with you. You can use this prompt, but here’s the deal: If you don’t hit the bullseye right away, don’t fret! You can fine-tune your questions with some follow-up ones. Sometimes, it’s like magic, and you get exactly what you’re looking for.

So, How to Use ChatGPT as AI English Teacher?

What’s the goal here? Well, I’m talking about ChatGPT turning into a bona fide English teacher. You know, the kind who points out your English oopsies, gives you a friendly nudge in the right direction, and explains the why behind it all. After all, that’s what a teacher does, right? So, imagine I’m your willing interviewee and English student, and you’re the master interviewer and English teacher.

Game plan.

Here’s the game plan: You ask me questions, one at a time, just like an ace interviewer would. If I stumble and bumble my way through, I want you to swoop in, correct my English slip-ups, and break it down for me. Clear explanations are the name of the game, folks. We’re keeping it neat and orderly. Oh, and one more thing, don’t spill all the conversation beans at once – we’re keeping it suspenseful! Ask, wait, correct, explain, and repeat. Let’s keep it rolling like a well-oiled English-teaching machine. My first sentence? “Hi!” And away we go! Let’s see if this ChatGPT magic works.

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Alright, hold onto your language-loving hats because we’re diving headfirst into the nitty-gritty of language perfection with ChatGPT. You’ve seen the initial exchange, and now it’s time for the grand reveal. Will ChatGPT be the English teacher we’ve all been waiting for? Well, let’s find out!

Our intrepid explorer starts the conversation with a brave, “How do you typically go about making new friends?” Now, that’s the kind of question you’d ask your English teacher, right? But here’s the kicker, folks; it’s not just about asking questions. It’s about the art of asking and getting feedback! So, how’d our first attempt go? Drumroll, please!

ChatGPT’s Response: “I usually making new friends by going to places where ER have my interest…”

Our Hero’s Response: “It’s going too fast for me here…”

And then, it happened, ladies and gentlemen! The moment we were waiting for – ChatGPT swoops in with the perfect correction! “Typically make new friends by going to places that have activities that interest me and finding others who have similar interests.” A resounding applause, please!

But wait, there’s more! We want explanations, not just bland corrections. And ChatGPT doesn’t disappoint! It breaks it down like a pro: “You use the present continuous verb ‘making’ instead of the present simple verb ‘make.’ It’s also helpful to use the word ‘enjoy’ instead of ‘are interested in’ to make your meaning clearer. Finally, you could use the word ‘could’ instead of ‘can’ to make your sentence more polite.”

Teaching moment.

Now, that’s what we call a teaching moment! But we’re not done yet; we’re hungry for more knowledge. So, our language learner follows up with, “Please give me some more Corrections and explanations.”

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And like a wise mentor, ChatGPT delivers:

ChatGPT’s Response: “Certainly! Here are a few more Corrections and explanations…”

And boom! We get a series of corrections and explanations, making the learning process as smooth as butter. It’s like having a personal English tutor on speed dial.

Don’t just ask for corrections. Ask for corrections and explanations.

The lesson here, folks? Be specific! Don’t just ask for corrections; ask for corrections and explanations. It’s like asking for extra sprinkles on your ice cream – you want the full experience! So, remember, it’s not just about getting it right; it’s about understanding why it’s right. Stay tuned because our ChatGPT adventure is just getting started!

Now, Let’s dive right into another question, shall we?

Our intrepid learner asks, “How do you typically start a conversation with someone?” And here’s where our digital companion takes its shot:

ChatGPT’s Response: “I usually start Ting by ask some questions about some stuffs that we are both having in common…”

Our Hero’s Response: “Oh, that’s rough. It’s bad.”

But fear not, because ChatGPT’s here to learn and improve. It rephrases the response into something more human-friendly: “You might consider saying, ‘I usually start by asking some questions about things that we both have in common. I think if we can talk about these kinds of things, there will be a good conversation.'”

And there it is, the magic of constructive feedback! ChatGPT points out the use of the present continuous verb ‘starting’ instead of the present simple ‘start,’ and it kindly swaps out ‘stuffs’ for ‘things,’ making our sentence as crisp as a freshly ironed shirt.

We’re like the proud parents of a budding ChatGPT linguist here, and we’re ready for more! So, keep those questions coming, and let’s help this digital marvel spread its linguistic wings!

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Well, there you have it, folks! We’ve not only cracked the linguistic code but also nudged our dear ChatGPT toward excellence. One last golden nugget of wisdom from our digital friend: “Finally, you use the present continuous verb ‘having’ instead of the present simple verb ‘have.’ It’s more common to use the present simple ‘have’ to indicate a more general ongoing state.” Phew, we’ve transformed this AI into a top-tier English tutor!

Now, brace yourselves because with this newfound linguistic powerhouse, I might have just put every English teacher, possibly including myself, out of a job. Imagine that! Well, maybe not entirely, but it sure is an interesting thought. Let’s keep playing with this, my fellow language enthusiasts.

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